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Holiday Celebrations

Thanksgiving table with food.

However you celebrate the Holiday Season, REMEMBER

Many more of our friends and neighbors are in need due to the financial hardships of the pandemic. Donate to food banks and shelters if you are able to do so.

More Ohioans are lonely and isolated this year due to distancing measures.  Find ways to reach out with virtual or drive-by visits, or send cards, packages,  or video messages.

Don’t forget to thank those who have been serving us all so well during  the pandemic, such as mail carriers and delivery drivers, grocery workers  and bus drivers, healthcare workers and first responders, and so many others.

Please always remember our veterans and military members.

A BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Stark County Health Department for generously sharing the content and template of its holiday guidance to help us create this guide for the safety of all Ohioans.

Click the "Download" button on this page to view the 'Holiday Celebrations' guide.