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This or That Prevention

Prevention document with alternatives for every day life related to COVID-19.

This or That Prevention - Social Distancing

Instead of this: Only washing your hands on occasion, or just using water.
Do That: Wash your hands regularly! Use water and soap and wash for at least 20 seconds.

Instead of this: Sneezing into your hands (ew!).
Do That: Sneeze into your arm or a tissue.

Instead of this: Checking social media or cable news 24/7.
Do That: Continue to stay informed, but also disconnect on occasion. Try reading a new book or trying meditation. Mental health is important.

Instead of this: Going straight to the doctor or  urgent care when you’re feeling under the weather.
Do That: Always call your healthcare provider FIRST before going in.

Instead of this: Believing every rumor you see online or using non-reputable sources.
Do That: Use reputable sources! Get info from verified accouts from CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Governor Mike DeWine, local health departments, and verified media accounts.

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