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Ohio National Guard Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Ohio National Guard logoThe Ohio National Guard has been mobilized to support hospitals with the most critical needs across the state as COVID-19 hospitalizations have reached an all-time high during the pandemic. As hospitals struggle with staffing to support the surge in COVID-19 patients, members of the Ohio National Guard are providing clinical support and non-clinical support to augment medical and wraparound services. Teams include nurses and medics providing clinical care and non-medical teams offering services such as patient transportation within facilities, food service, and administrative support. Members of the Guard are also offering support at testing locations, run in partnership with hospitals and healthcare networks. The goal is  to divert testing traffic from hospital emergency rooms as the demand for testing is high.

The Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Hospital Association are working daily with Ohio hospitals to assess staffing needs to determine the most appropriate support from the Ohio National Guard. Hospitalizations for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients change every day and staffing adjustments will be made accordingly. At this time, the Ohio National Guard has either been deployed or will soon be deployed to the following hospital systems in Ohio either in clinical or non-clinical roles. Keep in mind that we will continue to monitor and adjust these efforts, as our workforce and program is agile.