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Social Media - COVID-19

These social media resources can be used by anyone in Ohio to share or print common symptoms, protocols, or guidelines during the reopening of business and services throughout Ohio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Media Graphics

COVID-19 Symptoms PDF JPEG
Facemask (1) PDF JPEG
Facemask (2) PDF JPEG
COVID-19 Isolation Guidelines PDF JPEG
What To Do If You’re Sick With COVID-19 PDF JPEG
COVID-19 Warning Signs PDF JPEG
Hand Washing Best Practices PDF JPEG
Meet Our Family Graphic 1 Twitter PDF JPEG
Meet Our Family Graphic 1 Facebook PDF JPEG
Meet Our Family Graphic 2 Twitter PDF JPEG
Meet Our Family Graphic 2 Facebook PDF JPEG

COVID-19 Vaccination: Trust the Facts

COVID-19 Vaccination: Ohio's Phased Approach

Ohio's Phased Approach PDF JPEG
Ohio's Phased Approach - Chinese    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Arabic    
Ohio's Phased Approach - German    
Ohio's Phased Approach - French    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Creole    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Kinyarwanda    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Marshallese    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Nepali    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Russian    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Somali    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Spanish    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Swahili    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Tigrinya    
Ohio's Phased Approach - Turkish    

COVID-19 Vaccination: Phase 1A Distribution

Phase 1A Distribution PDF JPEG
Phase 1A Distribution Facebook Twitter
Phase 1A Distribution - Chinese    
Phase 1A Distribution - Arabic    
Phase 1A Distribution - German    
Phase 1A Distribution - French    
Phase 1A Distribution - Creole    
Phase 1A Distribution - Kinyarwanda    
Phase 1A Distribution - Marshallese    
Phase 1A Distribution - Nepali    
Phase 1A Distribution - Russian    
Phase 1A Distribution - Somali    
Phase 1A Distribution - Spanish    
Phase 1A Distribution - Swahili    
Phase 1A Distribution - Tigrinya    
Phase 1A Distribution - Turkish    

Ohio State University Coaches #InThisTogetherOhio

Coach Meyer Social Twitter  PDF JPEG
Coach Tressel Social Twitter PDF JPEG
Coaches Poster 8.5 x 11 PDF JPEG
Coaches Poster PDF  JPEG
Coach Meyer Social Facebook PDF JPEG
Coach Tressel Social Facebook PDF JPEG

What You Can Do - Facebook PDF  JPEG
What You Can Do - Twitter PDF JPEG
Community Spread - Facebook PDF  JPEG
Community Spread - Twitter PDF JPEG

Downloadable Video Content

Videos in this section can be downloaded by right clicking the links below, and saving the video file to your desktop. 

Note: Depending on which Internet browser you are using and how it is configured, directly clicking the links below may result in them playing inside of your browser.  

Posters and Signs