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This page contains a collection of the most recent news releases from Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health and slides used in COVID-19 Daily Briefings by Governor DeWine. Also included on this page are a selection of curated news stories about COVID-19.

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02/27/20 - Governor DeWine, Health Director Update COVID-19 Prevention and Preparedness Plan

Ohio Department of Health (ODH)

04/01/20 - Order for Performing COVID-19 Testing

04/01/20 - Hospital Preparedness Regions and Healthcare Zones

03/13/20 - ODH director Dr. Amy Acton is calming leader in coronavirus crisis

03/13/20 - ODH asks residents to follow steps to slow coronavirus spread

02/05/20 - ODH Monitoring Person Under Investigation for 2019 Novel Coronavirus

02/02/20 - Results of two Ohio 2019 Novel Coronavirus tests come back negative

01/24/20 - ODH classifies 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) immediately reportable disease

In Ohio

Sidney Daily News: Scammers take advantage of COVID-19 pandemic

Cincinnati Business Courier: Ohio starts counseling business on how to reopen, although when that might happen remains unknown

Putnam County Sentinel: Pandemics and probable case reporting

The Enquirer: Coronavirus in Ohio: Here’s what you need to know about antibody testing

WOSU: Wellness Wednesday: Consequences Of Coronavirus On Ohio’s Opioids Fight

The Columbus Dispatch: Coronavirus: Ohio manufacturers to make up to 1 million face shields

Spectrum News 1: Global Cleveland Working to Provide Language Access During COVID-19 Pandemic

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Information for Providers and Public Health Officials

Warning on Use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

Ohio Coronavirus Bill COVID-19 Checklist

BMV Closures

Columbus Business First: A resource guide for Ohio businesses during the coronavirus pandemic

Cleveland.com: Coronavirus can live up to 3 hours in air in a lab. But it’s totally OK to share air walking outside


ABC News: Wiped out of toilet paper? Here's why

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Conundrum: It Hits Some Hard, Others Hardly at All

NPR: No, You Don't Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here's How To Shop Safely

USA Today: Looking for Lysol spray and Clorox wipes? COVID-19 wiped out disinfectants, but here’s when you can buy again

CNET: How to help restaurants, hospitals, people during the coronavirus outbreak

The New Yorker: What Submarine Crews and Astronauts Can Teach Us About Isolation

The Atlantic Daily: Our Quarantine Cooking Guide

Time: How Can You Safely Grocery Shop in the Time of Coronavirus? Here's What Experts Suggest

The New York Tines: A Podcast Playlist to Help Distract You (for the Most Part)

NPR: Personal Finance Advice for the Coronavirus Crisis

CBS News: Working From Home During Coronavirus? Here’s How to Stay Healthy

The Wall Street Journal: Living the Coronavirus Work-From-Home Life? Here Are All the Tech Tips You Need

CNBC: Five Tips for Effectively Working From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak When You Have Kids

Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials: Five Ways to Manage Stress During the Coronavirus Outbrea

Time: 'Is Ordering Takeout Unethical?' 

Quartz: How to give your kids stability when coronavirus closes schools

The Washington Post: Readers share tips for pantry- and freezer-friendly home cooking

Sick of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ while washing hands to fight coronavirus? 

The New York Times: Coronavirus cases in the U.S.