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This or That Preparedness

Preparedness document with alternatives for every day life related to COVID-19.

This or That Preparedness - Social Distancing

Instead of This: Panicking and buying enough toilet paper for a year.
Do That: Don’t panic. Just make sure you have enough food and medication for a possible 14 day quarantine period.

Instead of This: Going to the grocery store every day.
Do That: Go once a week, during non-peak times.

Instead of This: Going out if you’re an older adult or have a pre-existing medical condition.
Do That: Ask your family, friends, or neighbors if they can get your groceries or run errands for you.

Instead of This: Being mean or rude to service workers, healthcare professionals, or others on the front lines  
of the outbreak.
Do That: Be kind! We’re all in this together and kindness is more important than ever.

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