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Testing - (Archived)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the Ohio Department of Health has archived its COVID-19 testing dashboard, effective April 4, 2022. The dashboard presented percentage of positive tests and overall testing volume. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no longer requires reporting of negative results from certain types of COVID-19 tests. Additionally, the percentage of people now using over-the-counter/ at-home tests has risen significantly, and while reporting of these results is recommended, this changing landscape makes it increasingly challenging to provide a complete picture of testing data. As a result, the dashboard has been archived.

Statewide Views

Confirmatory Laboratory Tests – This includes PCR and molecular detection of genetic material specific to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Presumptive Laboratory Tests – This includes diagnostic antigen testing, which is used to detect specific viral proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19. These tests are considered presumptive laboratory evidence. Data not available prior to 10/14/2020.

Confirmatory and Presumptive Laboratory Tests – This includes confirmatory and presumptive laboratory tests. Data not displayed prior to 10/14/2020.

Note: Antibody testing data is not included as it is non-diagnostic, meaning results are not used to determine if someone is a COVID-19 case.

County-Level View

At the county-level, positivity and per capita testing rates are shown for confirmatory laboratory tests (PCR and molecular detection) only. Due to smaller population numbers, county-level data is presented over a 14-day window and updated weekly on Mondays.

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